Disruptive Corona Revolution ; New Habits, New Jobs. Why is “Social Isolation” the King ?

Öne Çıkan

We as futurists were thinking what the possible innovations , new habits and new jobs will be in year 2040.

With disruptive Corona revolution this process is accelerated.

All people with real die fear which reach to all people rich or poor , will decide to be isolated as possible as.

Social isolation was the key word of new digital virtual word. All authorities and sociologists were criticizing. They were saying that this social isolation is result of virtual world created by digital sector.

With Corona Revolution , now ” social isolation” is the King.

Now persons, families, villages, towns, cities, countries they have to create their own isolation because of die fear of Corona.

How ? Of course by using the all digital tools. Thanks to Math Thanks to 1 & 0

The following sectors will boom and the following possible new jobs will be popular.


Software companies

Application Developers

Online shopping companies.

New type cargo companies

Online health service companies

Online pharmacy

Drone producers

Packing Industries

Packed Food Companies

Personal Health Technologies

Personal Transportation Companies

3D printers, virtual glasses, mobile smart phones

Internet satellites

Driverless cars.

New Jobs:

Drone Drivers

Drone Repair Mastery

Mobile 3D writers

Drone type 3D Printer users

Online 3D teachers.

Online teachers.

Online Schools managers

Street 3D Printers

Drone cleaners call center.

Ground Drone center executives.

Drone take away drivers

Online doctors.

Tomorrow life will be completely different then even futurists could not imagine.

We as futurists have to reconsider our dreams.


Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

How did I first hear the internet?

Answering Machine

Yes , this answering machine introduced me to Internet in Moscow in 1994.

I was in Moscow to open our own Moscow office for our international trading company in 1994.

Our friend had arranged a secure office at Novi Arbat Street in a big building. Security was one of the big issue in that time in Moscow.

At seventh floor 2 rooms office was fantastic opportunity for us because there were ready 3 telephone lines and 1 telex Machines. These were are the main communication tools and it was not so easy to reach and to have them quickly. You dah to wait for months.

As soon as I received the keys I bought a new answering machine to connect to one our telephones to inform our customers and to get coming messages because there was no secretary and there was time differences between us and our customers like based in USA , Uzbekistan and Turkey.

On Friday I completed everything and I went to St.Petersburg for weekend.

On Monday when I arrived to our new office to start for my first business day. there was something very strange , the answering machine was singing and recording tape was full!!!.

So many customers ? On weekends ? In Moscow ? It was impossible. I had checked out the tape no message, just calls.

I immediately called my friend to ask this strange thing. His reply was very calm and cool: These calls were for “call center”. What ? What was call center?

These lines were belongs to an internet server company as 7/24 call center.

What ? what was the ” internet server company” I was knowing only the meaning of “company” =))

My friend had tried to explain them I could not understand. I could only understand that they could communicate with world with no cost !!!

I immediately called my partners in Istanbul because our monthly communication bill was around 12 000 USD.

By chance my partners were from USA universities and they asked to their friends in USA and in University of Middle East who knows and uses internet.

I had asked the number of people using internet in Turkey ; It was around 50 people.

Ok it was related with computer and I was knowing computer since 1978 when I was in Bosphorus University. We were writing software with Fortran-4 with punch cards.

Punch Card Machine

Really it was amazing time and amazing informations I was learning.

My partners had started to search to have internet asap.

When I returned to Turkey a new adventure was waiting for us.

I will continue.


Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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