Before Corona After Corona. Effects of Social Isolation. Microchips in Human.Chip Implant. MTC (Mobile Travel Cube ) is my innovation.

The die fear effect is the most productive accelerator for innovation.

Before earthquake the most of the people were against to use mobile phones in Turkey.

When 1999 big Marmara Earthquake in Turkey happened, the value of communication was understood very dramatically. Now the age of mobile usage is around 8 years old. The number of mobile phone was increased with rocket speed in Turkey.

It was regional event and regional effect. With this die fear factor accelerated the infrastructure investments and local mobile companies’ innovations and their grow.

Now the issue is global. The die fear is global.

We are in a hollywood disaster scenario but now it is real. You can not turn off TV.

Thats why Corona virus is a big disruptive game changer for digital world.

The sales of laptops is doubled.

The internet usage is now all day.

The habits changed dramatically.

The most of the companies started to work at home and the managements had to accept home office works.

The all schools are online.

The online conference tools are very popular.

The social isolation is the main Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

Why ? The answer is simple the die fear.

Here, micro chip usage in human will become widespread rapidly.

New companies new jobs will be very popular soon.

Microchip implant centers,

Microchip producers

Microchip software developers

Starting with countries , cities, towns, companies, buildings, clups, families will start to use microchips.

You will not be allowed to enter to country at the border if you have any diseases.

Microchip police centers will follow you 7/24.

The doors will be open only to registered chip owners everywhere.

New jobs will be on board soon like;

Chip followers

Chip developers

Chip repair centers

Chip ATMs

Chip Polices

Chip follows drones

3D Chip Printers.

Chip implant experts

Chip heaker

This is not a dream this is not a futurist’s idea. This will be real soon.

The social isolation will create its own technological innovations.

The habits of face to face social meeting will change cafe and restaurant dramatically.

Take away and self cooking will be the main stream.

The online shopping and cargo companies will be boomed.

New online chat rooms will be popular , new online cafes with original contents will be on front.

New habits will create personal isolated digital usage areas.

Designing will be one of the most popular job because the people will only buy design and will produce the products at 3D printers.

3D printers will be very popular like smart mobile phones.

Isolation will increase the personalization.

Mass events , mass concerts, mass travels will be only online.

The very bad future is waiting for travel companies, air transportation and touristic big hotels.

Personal planes , personal vehicles, driverless cars, different transportation styles will be developed.

Mobile travel cubes will be developed. These MTC (Mobile Travel Cube ) will be standart for all people. All people will carry their own isolated, disinfected MTCs.

These MTCs will create a huge clean room industry and jobs opportunities.

In trains and airplanes will have personal clean rooms. These MTCs will be at each seats.

Even in buses and taxies there will have separate clean rooms which I called MTC mean Mobile Travel Cubes.

Rent-a-Mobile Travel Cube

Uber Mobile Travel Cubes

MTC cleaners.

MTC repairs experts.

Driveless MTC ( Mobile Travel Cubes )

These Mobile Travel Cubes will be used in Hyper loops very easily.

The future we need now. Please be in hurry.


Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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