Walking from Pakistan to India – 2


When I arrived to Lahor , I started to make my one week India travel plan.

Punjab Region was a State in India during Britain period but after they left divided two parts one is in Pakistan and one in India. The people is the same , only the borders and passports are different.

Lahor is the capital city of Punjab State in Pakistan , Chandigarhis the capital city of Punjab Sate in India.

Even there are conflicts, time to time wars between two countries , there is very active relations, interactions between two parts as border trade.

There is flight from Lahor to New Delhi twice a week.

Border is always open for passengers, trucks and trains.

Before starting to India tour , I asked my friend living in Lahor for his help. He has given the name of his friend living in New Delhi called “Rajat”.

Rajat is living in New Delhi ang giving a guidance service as online via whatsapp. Thanks to technology.

Thanks to Rajat. (* In case of you need his contact details you can write to me)

Otherwise it is very complicated to arrange the train tickets because the stations are very crowded and mainly tickets are being sold at internet , it is very difficult for foreigners.

After our talks on whatsapp we decided the route of my trip as follows;

1- From Lahor to Wagah Border by Uber/Careem Taxi . It is only 29 Km.

2-From Pakistan to India in Wagah Border by walking.

3-From Wagah Border to Amritsar by Uber arranged by Rajat.

4-First day very early arriving to Amritsar and One night stay in Amritsar and 2 full days city tour.

5-Second day: In the evening taking night train from Amritsar to New Delhi , arriving late to New Delhi

6-Third day ; Early Morning by taking speed train from New Delhi to Agra city of Taj Mahal. After all day staying in Agra , return to Delhi.

Taking night of third day train from New Delhi to Jaipur

7-Fourth day: Arriving early morning to Jaipur to stay one night two days.

8- Fifth day : Touring in Jaipur. Return to New Delhi by night train .

9-Sixth day : Spending time during the day in New Delhi and return to Amritsar by night train.

10- Seventh day : Walking from India to Pakistan at Wagah Border.

Of course by help of technology, Rajat arranged everything

For example he was sending Uber reservation with photo of driver, car , whatsapp number.

All tickets were online and bought by Rajat and send by whatsapp.

we only have met in New Delhi at the middle of my trip and I paid the bills.

Thanks to his guidance again.


Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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