Walking from Pakistan to India – 1


It was amazing to make 3 times travel to India when I am living in Karachi, Pakistan.

I decided to go India by walking from Lahor city in Pakistan because Lahor is the border city and only 70 km far away from Amritsar City in India.

Before moving from Karachi to Lahor , I had to buy a local backpack .Thats. why I spent a couple hours in Zeynep Bazaar in Karachi where is very similar to Mahmutpaşa near to Closed Bazaar in İstanbul.

According to advises of travelers , it is the best way not to carry unnecessary things you have to choose first your backpack and than to choose the goods otherwise you could get unnecessary things.

I chose local cloths, backpack etc.

I put only the followings for one week travel;

1- Laptop, charger

2-Mobile Phone, charger and headphone

3-Second mobile to be safe side.

4-One pants that can be a shorts

5- 3 Thirts

6- three socks and three underwear

7-a windbreaker and a raincoat

8-a slipper

9-hat, length and bracelet

10-My medicines + Mosquito repellent

11- a Short and long sleeve slim sweatshirt

I took a flight from Karachi to Lahor and stayed at a hotel to make a detailed India Travel plan.


Kadıkoy, Istanbul, Turkey

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