Why do we have to make export ?

There is a Turkish say : Dont not put your all eggs into the same basket.

The reason is that we have to distribute our risks.

Here the key word is diversity.

Diversity is one of the benefits of exportation.


·     Diversity at production

·     Diversity at product mix.

·     Diversity at customers.

·     Diversity at markets.

·     Diversity at financing.

·     Diversity at management.

·     Diversity at foreign exchange.

·     Diversity at collection.

·     Diversity at packaging

·     Diversity at documentation.

·     Diversity at standarts.

·     Diversity at competition.

Diversity is one of the best solutions to business blindness.

Production     :The company will be forced to use new thecnologies by different customer demands.

Product mix   :The company will start to diversify his products because of different demands from different countries.

Customers     :The company will able to find a chance to prevent himself from the risk of staying dependent to single customer by having different customers.

Markets         :The market fluctuation , risks and shallowness of single market can be prevented by having different markets with exportation.

Financing       :In local markets , it is not easy to reach finance sources for Medium Size Companies like big companies but exportation will create different and easier financing.

Management :The corporate business transpormation is easier wellcomed by management because of diversity created by exportation.

Exchange Rate :Exportation to different countries with different foreign exchanges is natural and simple hedging for companies to prevent the risk of local Money devaluations.

Collection       : The collection of sales is always one of the big problem at local sales but with exportation the company will able to make long term cash flow plans.

Packaging      : Different markets different packaging requirements develop the companies capabilities.

Documentation         : Exportation means documentation with international standarts which enable the company to improve his standarts.

Standarts       : Different countries different regulations will effect the export company positively to be global company.

Competition   : One of the best antidote to business blindness is facing economic reality with different markets.

Hurray exportation , hurray diversity.

Then why do we stop ?

What do we have to for exportation ?

How can we prepare our road map for export?

When do we have to start for exportation ?

Numan Bayrak


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