I was planning to write my memories, experiences, thoughts, ideas for a long time.

It was a wish to write on paper but could not find proper way to write on paper. At the end I decided to share my feelings at my blog.

Normally I started to write my feelings during the high school as a young lower as simple poets to convey my feeling to my darling. It was mostly platonic relation at that days. To show our feeling was not so easy, mostly all students were establishing their relations by small notes using other friends as postman to convey.

During 1970s the main communication was only writing a letter and send by post.The speed of communication was depending on the distance ; in country around 2-3 weeks , in abroad around 4-8 weeks.

Nowadays it is only 1-3 seconds.

I decided to use this advantage to share my thoughts with others.It is amazing time we are living. To be aware of this affects me to be a futurist.

When you look at the world as a futurist , you can see the advanture stays there.

If there is an advanture, lets be in.!!!

Numan Bayrak



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